Membership Rates, Address and Contact Info

Address: 10180 Valley Blvd, El Monte, CA 91731

Phone: 626.927.8670, E-mail: tawnybanh@lattattbeast

Adult $50$450
Junior (Under age 18, school ID required)$35$350
Senior (Over age 65, 7am to 2pm)$35$350
Senior (Over age 65, 2pm to Midnight)$40$375
Adult Couple or 2 From Same Family$90$800
Senior Couple (Both over age 65) 7am to 2pm$65$650
Family (2 Adults, 1 Child U-18)$110$1000
Family (1 Adult, 1 Child U-18)$80$675
Family (1 Adult, 2 Children U-18)$100$850
1 Day Non-Member Pass (Adult or Child)$12

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3 thoughts on “Membership Rates, Address and Contact Info

  1. I am trying to find a picture of my dad playing ping pong. He is mentioned in one of the volumes of The History of US Table Tennis 1953-1962 by Tim Boggan. Are there any archives or club news letters from that era?
    I Believe he e played at a club run by Si Wasserman in Hollywood. In email I was told by his wife Patty Martinez Waaserman that Si remembers my dad.
    Cam u direct me to anyone that might know of anyone who might know of any material? I am hoping to find a picture of him connected to ping pong. Thanks for any help
    Dan Kaline 314 479 0022


    1. Hi Kyle, our facility is full-time table tennis. We open daily for open play and offer private lesson one on one. If you are coming alone and need a partner to play with, I can try to help pair you up with one of my club members. Please feel free to contact me at 626-927-8670. Thanks.


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